A.G.D is a country rock band consisting of guitarist and songwriter Paul Jupe, vocalist Kirk John Cumming, bassist Lucio Manca, and drummer/producer Garry King.

We have a story to tell!

Paul and Garry have been working together for many years both in bands and various studio projects, Garry met Kirk whilst living in the USA in the mid nineties. Over the last few years Paul and Garry started working on some new songs with the idea of perhaps making this into an ‘All for one, One for all’ band if they could get the right people involved.
Bassist ‘Lucio Manca’ had already been working with Garry on another record label project and because of his musicianship, personality and heart was to ask to get involved and he jumped at it. Now they needed the right voice, attitude and charisma to deliver these songs both in the studio and perhaps later live. Garry suggested Kirk and they bounced him some tracks to check out and as they say ‘the rest is history’

Their first record ‘A Good Day’ was released early February 2019 incorporating those favourite and memorable elements they hoped fans of this style of music would love.

'Lets Go' from the album was picked by and featured on the BBC’s ‘Big Country Show’ (UK) with Keith Greentree along with a host of great artists and other stations have been fast to follow including Flash On Air as featured album of the day and CMR Nashville with Lee Williams Europe’s No:1 Country Music Station.

Paul says - We wanted to make a record that everyone would like, the guys and the girls! A record that you can drive a car to, drink a beer to, songs that make you feel good and also make you feel emotion. I think we did this and it’s a truly great feeling

Bob Saporiti - Former Sr. VP / General Manager, Warner Bros. Records. “In the current environment of digital do-it-yourself musical albums, the quality control mechanisms of the past have lessened much to the chagrin of this and many other listeners. However, the efforts of Garry King and Paul Jupe remain worthy of attention from the most discriminating of music lovers at this time, pastimes and forever into the future, as this is music of the highest quality”

David Bach - Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville says “World class songs, world class playing and world class production”

Jeff Legg - Music Writer (USA) ‘A Good Day’ is one of the most well crafted Country Rock records that I’ve heard in some time. The songwriting is amazing and the production is pristine. There are no weak moments to be found anywhere on this infectious 10 track release, which is rare in the music industry today. With a sound that is “toeing the line” between rock and country, this album will give A.G.D. the flexibility to take their music to almost any venue and/or audience.

A.G.D already has a second full record in production to follow up this first release again focusing on the radio friendly but pumping style of music that will get any foot tapping and any heart thumping with more great memorable songs, lyrics and melodies.
We hope that with the support we are gaining we will be able to take this out on the road very soon.

Please stay tuned See Ya!

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